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Looking for a solution for those high energy bills?

Keep heat and energy in, and rain and animals out with a chimney damper cap. If it's not the cold drafts on your feet, it's the high energy bill in your mail box. You have a fireplace problem you probably do not know about. It is your damper. It leaks. Not a lot, but enough to be costing you over $200 a year in lost energy.

The Lock-Top Damper Seals Tight with a Silicone Rubber Gasket

Metal to metal throat dampers were designed back when energy was cheaper, so a few leaks were no big deal. You can not say that today. A Lock-Top Damper seals tight so virtually no air, and thus no heat or air conditioning, gets lost up the chimney.

The Lock-Top also eliminates downdrafts, seals out rain which can deteriorate the inside of your chimney, and prevents entry by pests like squirrels, raccoons, and nesting birds.

Why Your Poorly Performing Damper is Costing You Money

  • Traditional dampers are located in the "throat" of a fireplace. They are made of cast-iron and are housed in a low-tech frame work.
  • The cast-iron plate and frame do not seal tightly, allowing energy dollars to escape.
  • These cast-iron dampers do not seal well and have a leaky, rough, metal-to-metal seal.
  • Recent lab studies have shown that even a new throat damper can leak up to $200 of heating and cooling a year. Imagine how much energy an old, rusted damper leaks!

The Lock-Top Energy-Saving Damper Seals Tightly to Save You Money

  • Lock-Top's rubber gasket seals tightly like a storm door for your fireplace, and keeps heating and cooling dollars where they should be - in your home.
  • Lock-Top mounts on top of your chimney to keep out animals and rain.
  • Lock-Top easily operates from inside your firebox and seals tight every time you close it—eliminating any draft.

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